Welcome to Southern Aero, LLC



Our specialty is the repair of smaller aircraft piston engines, specifically the Franklin, and restoration of Antique, Vintage, and Classic aircraft. Our mission is to provide the private pilot reliable repair work, at a reasonable price. A vast and diverse knowledge of the older engines and aircraft is our most important asset.



Our staff consists of Robert Still, a Certified A & P mechanic, pilot, and aviation buff.  Dale Still, a licensed pilot who is proficient in wood- and metalworking. Doug Still is our Office Manger. He is retired Navy, a pilot, and Stinson 108-1 owner. Robert, Doug & Dale have a great deal of knowledge and experience with the Franklin Engine. Nan Brinson is skilled in fabric recovering and painting. Together, they pride themselves in their work and are dedicated to preserving aviation for future generations. In 2014, Southern Aero expanded its operations to a larger, 20,000 square foot facility across the street, to serve the Franklin community better.

Franklin Engines

Our core business is the repair and overhaul of Franklin Engines. Southern Aero, LLC has purchased the engine repair assets of C. G. Lucas Enterprises of Oklahoma. Robert and Dale have known and worked with Greg Lucas for many years and have mastered the fine art of Franklin Engine repair. They continue to provide the same quality and reliability of service you deserve and expect for your Franklin Engines.

Airframe Repairs

Southern Aero provides comprehensive restoration services for all types of Vintage and Antique Aircraft. From basket case to museum quality we can handle it all. Whether the object of your affection is wood, tube and frabic or metal no problem. Southern Aero has a full wood shop, a variety of welding techniques and full metal shaping facilities. Impossible to find parts can be fabricated in our machine shop. All fabric finishing processes are supported.