Available Services




Southern Aero, LLC has the capibility to maintain and repair your Franklin Engine. Whether you need a part for your engine, advice on keeping your engine running longer or a complete cylinder or engine overhaul; we can do it all for you! From a 2 cylinder 65 hp to a 6 cylinder 220 hp, you can trust us to get you back in the air. All work is supervised by our A&P, Robert Still. With our full library of Franklin Engine manuals and service bulletins, your engine is placed back in service to factory specifications.


Cylinder Overhaul and repair

Engine Overhaul and repair

Parts and Accessories

Airframe and Control Surface Repairs

Fabric Covering featuring Superflight, Poly Fiber, and Ceconite Dope


Wood Repairs and Restoration

Metal Shaping (Steel and Aluminum)

Interior Installations

Windshield Replacements


Looking for a seal or gasket? A manifold or accessory case? Thanks to Franklin Aerospace, we now have the largest inventory of engine parts available. As previously mentioned, in addition to parts on the shelf, we are in the process finding new ways to provide you with those out of production parts for your engine.


Do you have a cylinder with little or no compression? Are you leaking or burning oil? Running hot? Swallow a valve? Let us diagnose and repair your cylinder. When you send your cylinders, they are bead blasted and inspected. New sleaves, valve guides and valve springs are installed. Valves will be replaced (if required.) We have core cylinders on hand if yours is cracked. The cylinders are then repainted Franklin Gray. If you have a color preference, such as Cessna Green, we will paint to match your engine color.

Do you need a complete overhaul of your engine? We can certainly take care of that. Each cylinder is service as described above. Also, the crankcase is sent to DivCo, Inc. for cleaning, inspection, new studs and repair if needed. The crankshaft, camshaft and internal steel parts are sent to Aircraft Specialties for inspections, magna fluxing and any repair needed. All other parts, oil pickups and bypass units are inspected to insure proper operation. New gaskets and hardware are used in reassembly. All aspects of engine tolerances are checked and the engine is rebuilt per Franklin factory specifications. Once rebuilt, we are the only shop to place the engine on a test stand and run it to insure you receive a properly running. 

This is a list of our Basic Services. If you need a service that is not listed, please Contact Us. It is quite likely that we can accommodate your request.